Sabine is the albino child who comes to our cateen. It’s funny to see him running around the yard,  laughing and playing among many black children. He is whiter than us.

In some counties of África, doing rituals with albino children and are abandoned by their families. They also die at an early age because if they don´t receive the necessary care, and suffer skin cancers.

Sabine lives with his grandparents since his mother abandoned him for being albino. This is not very common in Rwanda, where more and more is working to integrate them into society. Also receiving help and care of an association for albinos people there.

Sabine is a happy child, very loved and cared for children Museke. He is careful, always throwing cream on the skin, covering his body so as so not to be exposed to the sun with hats and long-sleeved shirts and sometimes he carries a large colorful umbrella.

Sometimes, children who are not in Museke mess with him, calling him “muzungu” (white) but he defends oneself and does not suffer for it, or even times he ask to children Museke to help to defend . Sabine does not suffer for being an albino child, he is happy and very clever and sometimes he even takes advantage of this difference.P1140579