Niyigena and Anastasio


Niyigena is one of the 240 children who go to the canteen. They are many childrem and they are constantly in and out fo MUSEKE(They have to go to school, they go to their homes, etc.), because of it, we do not know neither the names of all nor their stories. But whenever we go to Nemba, we back to Spain with the history of a new child, full of difficult situations that accompany it.

Niyigena is another of many. One day, one of the volunteers were especially noticed him because he had large wounds on the feet, but also what is most striking in this child was his face, a face of deep sadness that always accompanied him.

When we visited his home we found a blind mother and younger brother, Anastasio, who could not get up. We tried to lift his brother but he wasn´t able to stand, therefore we assumed that he would have some kind of disability. When we saw DSC_0443this difficult situation we could not hide our astonishment and sadness, finding that two people depended on an 8 yearold child. A child should be happy playing with his friends and going to school, however, he carried a great burden on his backs.

The next day, we went to talk to Mado (director there) and we proposed her that Niyigena bring his brother to the cantee every day to eat. Then he, with his brother on his back, every day down the mountain where his home was making a way of at least one hour. We discovered that the children took turns to carry the Niyigena´s brother.

Unaware, we add to Niyigena a burden, and every day we saw sadder and tired. We decided Niyigena carry to brother food every day at home. But he said no, he preferred to take his brother to Museke so he could play with other children and leave home.


The story begins to improve when the mother goes to the doctor at the request of Museke and discovers that what prevented her seeing, were a simple falls. It is operated and discover excited that she can see; after years of darkness, she has finally turned on the light.

Anastasio, after a week going to the cateen every day to eating, we discovered that there was any kind of disability, malnutrition was what caused the inability to walk. At two weeks he ran happily through the courtyard of Museke with others, with a smile that lit up his face.

Today, the three live in a house built Museke. His mother is fine after surgery intervention and Anastisio and Niyigena will eat every day Museke and they will enjoy with the great family MUSEKE