Letter from the chair:

“We carry on smiling.

Museke started as a small seed in our minds in 2010. Now, 5 years later, Muske, as well as meaning “smile” in the official Rwandan dialect of Kinyarwanda, also means  a place where the children find a ray of hope to brighten their futures, a place where they can unpack their troubles.

Our main objective is to alleviate the malnutrition that the children suffer. Our family is made up of 240 children and 15 workers. Our main objective is training. This can really change the World. Study is compulsory. This is a way in which we can get the children away from Child labour. In museke they work with fabrics, make baskets or on farms. We try to educate the parents. The daily work doesn’t finish the training but it’s fundamental in helping them escape the difficult situation they live in. We also have a commitment to the professional development they receive in schools where currently there are 24 children enrolled in order to get a trade for a future professional life.

MUSEKE concentrates on the day to day but it doesn’t stop there. The needs of the families who come to us always supercede our funds. Saying no to these families saddens us but the satisfaction we see in these children who have made a home in MUSEKE makes us keep on trying to raise funds to increase our projects in Africa.

Museke’s objective is not only to help train the children but also to create projects that can self-finance themselves. This is why we now have a farm with 800 hens that provide valuable protein and, at the same time, provide eggs that can be sold. We have also opened a farm shop. These two projects have, in addition to help raise finances, created employment for some of those from the local area.

MUSEKE would be nothing without the help of its partners and volunteers.

Our volunteers arrive at Nemba with cases full of clothes and they give them out with hugs and smiles that confirm that the madness of just a few years ago serves to encourage us to help. For me, this is a dream come true.

Carmen Gil de la Haza
President of MUSEKE association.