In January 2016 we set up our chicken farm. We had two objectives in mind.

First of all, getting eggs to feed the children of MUSEKE would provide them with protein. The lack of fish and the scarcity of meat in their diets causes a marked lack of proteins which are essential in the body in order to develop muscles, antibodies in the immune system, digestive enzymes, and the hormones that carry oxygen in the blood among many other vital functions. They are made up of amino acids, some of which our body can produce if it has the right nutrients, and others which the body cannot produce and so depends on the right food intake as its source.

Secondly, some of the eggs we produce are sold since there is a great demand for eggs in Ruanda and its neighbouring countries. Receiving an income helps the farm to be self-financing, which is important for projects like MUSEKE to last, for societies like Nemba to advance, and for countries like Ruanda to grow and progress.

In the past few months we’ve seen how our chickens have grown. They gave us a bit of a fright when they fell sick and we ended up losing some of them, but in the end they came through and are now doing their job: laying eggs. On our last trip to Nemba in July 2016 we visited the farm and felt so proud to see a lorry being loaded with the eggs of our chickens.


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