Volunteers from University Miguel Hernández in MUSEKE

September 9th 2016

Last August, 5 volunteers from the University of Miguel Hernandez of Elche , Aaron , Monica , Nuria , Lis and Cristina , have lived with our children in Nemba . On their return , have contacted with Carmen Gil , our president , to send us the testimony of their experiences. We leave us some fragments of such emails .

Nuria Gómez

” My stay in Rwanda has been wonderful and very intense.

Museke loved us all , it is a great opportunity to learn more about the lives of the people there . ”

Monica Benavente

“Museke is one of the things that has filled me , my experience would not have been the same without the children of MUSEKE . I hope to see all of them , that have changed my way of seeing many things. ”

“A part of the classes, where we sang and we had fun for example by clay figures to learn vocabulary besides studying, we have also had moments of play (yes, the rule is that you could not speak Kinyarwanda, had to speak . in English, although not always met …) at 10 we used to take a break in which we played dodgeball, we made two teams and had to be the one team to another with a ball, at first the game lasted 5-10 minutes but after a few days were experts and had to stop the game to get back to class! we also went to the football field where they had a great time jumping rope, playing dodgeball, soccer, singing and dancing!

I hope you have learned, had fun and enjoyed as much as I have done and the other volunteers. ”

Lis Gaibar

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image16 image15

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image14 image12

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image5(1) image2

image10(1) image9(1)

From Museke , we thank you for the great work you have developed with our children. Not only by the knowledge that you have taught , also for the affection and love you have given their and that is clearly reflected in the pictures you sent us.

Thank Nuria , Cristina , Monica, Lis and Aaron !

MUSEKE is happy knowing that people go to Nemba , return to Spain full of sensations, feelings , experiences ,… that  leave a mark in your lifes and help them grow as a person .

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